Jun 21

Wedding toppers

So, I decided that I really should have a go at making my own wedding toppers in Fimo. Unfortunately I started off on a design that required a horse as well as a bride and groom! After several false starts, some swearing, and rather a lot of Fimo in the bin, I had a brainwave. Why not buy a model horse, make a mould then use that to create a Fimo version?! However, I’ve already made a good start on the bride and groom so am limited to the size of horse otherwise the bride will look like she’s either riding a Shetland or a Shire! If it works I will put the photos on here, if not it will be relegated to history.

My daughter requested a cake for one of her friends who turns 16 this week. She also requested I use her design. All I can say is that she has obviously no experience of what is possible in icing, or she thinks her mother is a genius (definitely the former – she is a teenager). First of all there was the request for a specific cake flavour – chocolate orange please. Then the icing had to the same colour red as the background to a Panic at the Disco (who? what?) album cover. Then the ipod had to be the same colour as her friend’s. I had a screenshot of the album on the ipod which I duly transferred to icing, plus a photo of said friend meeting one of the band. Earphones were made in icing. The last request was that I write the greeting using the same font as Panic, called Extra Ornamental – you can imagine it wasn’t straightforward! Thank goodness for food colouring pens & a lot of patience. The things we parents do for our children!