Aug 02

Wedding Topper

It worked! After much hard work, and rather a lot of Fimo in the bin, I resorted to using a model horse and then making the bride, groom and dog from Fimo. I discovered that making a successful topper requires several skills including dressmaking – I made the groom’s morning suit from individual pieces to give a more tailored look. The cala lillies and gerberas were all scaled down too. The bride and groom were delighted.


The cake itself was three tiers and featured handmade cala lillies in hot orange and hot pink. I used polystyrene separators between each tier, to give space for the flowers. Version one proved to be rather top-heavy so back to the drawing board and I used larger separators. Even so, the resultant 5 tiers had to be balanced perfectly as the reception was in a marquee, and in my experience, tables and floors in marquees are never 100% solid!