Wedding Services

The wedding cake should create a centrepiece at the wedding reception, not only should it look amazing but it needs to taste fantastic too.

Often the first question I’m asked is “How much is a cake?” which is a bit like asking “How long is a piece of string?” Every cake is completely bespoke and the price will depend entirely on the design. A small intricately detailed cake might cost more than a large cake in a very simple design.  All I can say is that I try to price my cakes competitively.

As a very rough guide I recommend you work on the approx price of £100 per tier.  But if you’ve set a budget for your wedding cake please do tell me so that can we can start to design your cake to fit that budget.  I can often create a cake for a similar price to buying an ‘off the shelf’ cake, but you will get so much more for your money! Please remember that all my cakes are created by me especially for you, each of my creations are bespoke and designed to your exact requirements, therefore it is so difficult for me to give an accurate price before talking to you about styles, flavours, serving numbers etc.

So many factors go into the design of your perfect wedding cake and that is what makes each and every one bespoke to you.

My service to you is very important and because of that I offer a special wedding service which includes a free consultation & tasting session for a maximum of two people, free delivery and set up on the day of your wedding and hire of cake stands and knives. I can also make personalised cake toppers, and even make favours to compliment the cake.

The first step is to give me a call / email where we can either chat about your dream wedding cake after which I can give you accurate prices or we can arrange the consultation.

It’s a privilege to be part of your special day, and I look forward to helping you choose a cake with the wow factor.