Sep 16

Football Cake

I love it when I get a call asking for inspiration for a cake. In this case it was for a little boy’s birthday, he’s a Manchester Utd fan (good chap!), but Mum didn’t know what sort of cake to have for his party.

I suggested a football cake with cupcakes each featuring a Man Utd team shirt. “Fabulous”, said Mum, “you’ve just solved the theme for the party too!”

The only problem was that the cake was needed the day after I would get back from holiday so I needed to be organised. I made the chocolate fudge cakes in advance using pudding basins, then put them in the freezer, and the cupcakes likewise. So when I got back from the holiday I just needed to ice them all.

The football wasn’t perfectly round, but is is a cake after all, and sometimes it’s just impossible to get cake to do what you want it do to. A little bit of research for the Man Utd squad numbers, and voila – one completed cake and one very happy mum!