Jun 15

A busy spring

Well we’ve moved house and so finally I have a fab kitchen, my own pantry room for storing all my cake-related items, and a dining room large enough that I could start offering classes!

We started off moving all my cake items, and I broke the kitchen in gently by making four cakes in the first weekend! Cake one was a rich fruit cake decorated for a Diamond Wedding Anniversary, the couple requested a simple cake so I kept to a restrained palate of white and pale yellow, with garlands of small blossoms around the sides with diamonds on each corner, and the inscription in white. I finished it off with a quick spray of pearlescent colour so it sparkled.

The second cake was a “Chocolate Heaven” birthday cake – I love making these as there’s usually some chocolates left over, and as I always use really yummy chocs from either Thorntons or Hotel Chocolat, the cook’s privileges are eagerly anticipated! I think the rich chocolate coloured ribbon adds a really luxurious touch, and the cake smelled divine!

Third up was a Christening cake for a brother & sister. I like using book-style cakes when it’s for more than one recipient, and this time I created one pale pink page, and one pale blue, with edible photos of the children, and the date on a pale yellow bookmark.

The last cake for the weekend was probably the most challenging, despite being the smallest. I was asked for a small sponge for a gentleman’s 90th birthday, featuring a Great Western Railway steam engine. I decided that painting the train onto the cake would be the most effective method, as carving a train would make a much larger cake than was wanted. I sourced a lovely GWR poster on the internet and then sketched an outline of this onto the cake, then painted in the design using cocoa butter and dust colours. As I am not a great artist it took a little while but I was very pleased with the overall effect and the client was thrilled – earning me a hug as well as payment. It’s that sort of reaction that makes everything worthwhile.

There’s another busy week coming up – three wedding cakes including one for my brother (no pressure there then). I’ve also made all the invitations, orders of service, place names and table plan for the wedding – photos will be on here shortly I promise. Now just fingers crossed that it’s not horrendous weather on the big day.